Queenscliff SLSC Presentation night 2017



Congratulations to all of our winners at the Queensie Presentation Night - a thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all.

Here is a list of some of the Awards, Sunday Swim and Patrol Hours.
Team Spirit Award - Selma Stensland

Susans Craft Competitor of the Year - Chris Maker

Most Improved COmpetitors of the Year - Bonnie Custance and Sam Butt

Junior IRB Competitor Of The Year – Bryony Hobson

Senior IRB Competitor Of The Year –  Harry Yandle

Most Improved IRB Competitor Of The Year –  Elliot Yandle

Competition Team Of The Year – Mark Clare-Nazer, Grant Henderson & Dave Slennett

Val Somerville Swimmer Of The Year – Chris Allum

 Warren Molloy Boat Person Of The Year – Alex Butt 

 Bob McGeachie Boat Crew Of The Year – All Butt One
Official Of The Year – Greg Heard

Paul Hammond Masters Competitors of the Year - Phil Bird and Steve Nelson

Patrol Captain of the Year - Adam Taylor Patrol 4

Patrol of the Year - Patrol 4  Adam Taylor, Mark Chapman, Garth Hickey, James Hotten, Tony Borg, Fiona Broe, Kailey Harlen, Ally Hickey, Sophie Keoghan, Sue McGinley, Sinead Motherway, Helen Porter, Hunter Riddle, Elizabeth Slater, Thor Slater, Selma Stensland, Zoe Taylor, Jack Tetley, Olivia Watkinson, Melissa Way, William Bingham, Daniel Chapman, Archie Douglas, Rebecca Hickey, Charlotte Hodge, Molly Opie, Zoe Stensland and Jessica Way

Heard Family Rookie of the Year - Richard Mills

100 Plus Patrol Hours: Andrew Thomson-Ko and Mark Creighton

100% patrol attendance - Mark Creighton, Peter Dean, Tim Hayes, Ed Kwanten, Shaina Marsh, Nadine McBain, Robert Mc Namara, Richard Mills, Ian Poole, Michael Studden, Col White, Robert Wilson, Kevin Harris Tiffany Hutcheson, Beth Laughton, Graham Lugsdin

Trainer of the Year - John O'Toole

Junior Sports Athlete Of The Year (U15 -U19), Young Lifesaver Of The Year (U15 -U19) & The Heard Family Youth Patrol Person Of The Year  -  Emily Thornton

Opens Surf Sports Athlete Of The Year   - Chris Allum

Surf Lifesaver Of The Year  -  Andrew Thomson-Ko

Cunninghams CLub Person of the Year - Garry Fox

The Saxon Bird Memorial Award Competitor of the Year - Phil Bird

On Saturday night, Team Q honored a man who competes, who helps at all carnivals, is often the first one on the beach and the last one off, he swims, paddles and runs, he organises the Swim For Saxon, he organises all the Queensie Carnivals,  he gives his best in all things, he is the total Clubbie and we are proud to call him one of ours forever ️    Phil Bird Team Q salutes you.


Phil Bird the recipient of the "The Saxon Bird Memorial Award Competitor of the Year" would like to express his heartfelt thanks: 


Thank you Queenscliff

To the Queenscliff Executive and Board members, Queenscliff members and my fellow competitors of all ages across the water and the sand I would like to thank you for honouring me with the Saxon Bird. To be a recipient of an award that has gone in the past to true champions makes me feel rather out of place and struggling to comprehend how I am worthy of it. This award means so much to Dana, Arielle and myself that I was unable to properly convey my thanks and appreciation for the support, guidance, friendship and camaraderie of being part of Team Q at the Presentation Night. 

I have loved every minute of competing, training, coffees, learning and hopefully encouraging others to give everything a try. 

You don't have to win to be a winner, again thank you.

Phil Bird

The whole of Queenscliff would like to express our SINCERE THANKS to Sue McGinley who coordinated and organised the entire evening including the prizes,  Robyn Henderson who made the outstanding photo presentation, Carla Thornton for her assistance in coordinating the night and MC extraordinaire Greg Heard.