Nippers Schedule




  • Age managers mark off names on attendance list before morning announcements.
  • Each age group should have designated groups within the age group of up to approximately 15 nippers – preferably seeded in competency levels. These groups will line up in heats to align with competition format.
  • Outline: Each age group will do three of the nine activities each week. The fourth week will be a round of club championships (scored racing all competitors off scratch) and these points will go toward season age champion (plus carnival results)
  • Each station runs for 20 min then 5min for rotation. The system is proven to work however, to be sustainable the stations need to be set up before 0900 and all age managers need to be disciplined to rotate on time – no excuses. (The age manager is accountable for the first activity for their respective age group being set up each week).
  • Subject matter experts remain at each station until sustainable (4-8 weeks) and the age managers rotate the group to the station and complement the delivery.
  • 1030 - Sunday Club Swim (handicap –weekly prizes)
  • Under 14 Nippers doing SRC will still do the rotation – board & surf swim skills will be honed during this time; resuscitation & signals etc. will be done after the club swim
  • Nippers will only be conducted for U/6’s and U/7‘s when carnivals listed in this schedule are on; no nippers for remaining age groups
  • If bad weather or large surf prevents the water activities for that day being conducted, beach events will be the focus and the roster will continue to roll on (no date changes required).


Station Activities:

  • 1.     Beach sprint start – Beach area 1
  • 2.     Board paddle & skills coaching – Water area 1
  • 3.     Surf swim starts & finishes – Water area 2
  • 4.     Beach flags – Beach area 2
  • 5.     Swimming surf zone ins / outs - Water area 3
  • 6.     Board relay & iron person transitions - Water area 4
  • 7.     Beach relay skills practice – Beach area 3
  • 8.     Board race starts & finishes Water area 5
  • 9.     Surf Ed, First Aid, Club tour, Patrol tent, Patrol shed etc.






Week 17 - 11 February 2018 Branch Beach Carnival (Nippers for U6 - & U7)

Week 18 - 18th February 2018

Week 19 - 25th February 2018

Week 20 - 2 - 4 March 2018 NSW State Championships, Blacksmiths Beach, Swansea Belmont