Queensie Boat launch 2017

On Sunday we unveiled “the Ian Martin” and the *self appointed* ‘Greg Heard’ double boat trailer.


Marty has been an active member of Queenscliff since joining as a cadet in 1974 [the year Frisbee throwing became an Australian Championship event and the pillow fight was the premier event to win on a Sunday morning after the surf swim and a big night out the night before].


Marty started rowing in 1976 and has rowed and/or swept ever since. He has won medals at branch, metropolitan, state, Australian and world championships in all categories from Junior, reserves, opens and masters. He has swept and coached multiple crews over many years and also supported the club and boat section with sponsorship when needed.


He introduced the MUFFIN name to the club – with the muffin men, mini muffins, ragamuffins, a female crew called the muffin tops. He was also a founding member of the Masters crew – the Mouldy Muffins.


Marty was awarded distinguished service of Queensie in 2011. He has also been one of key organisers for the Breakwater Ball for the last 2 years and has this season been appointed as Team Manager for the Australian U23 rowing team.