Congratulations to all our Queensie Club Award recipients 2017-18

Saxon Bird Competitor of the Year

Damien Daley


Competition Team of the Year

U19 Boat Crew

Zac Lai, Nic Lesiuk, Xavier Allen-Cox, Richard Ledger and DD


Open Surf Sports Athlete Competitor of the Year

Grace Owen


Team Spirit Award

Andrew Townsend


Surf Life Saver of the Year

Sam Kitchen


Junior Sports Athlete of the Year

Zoe Prelc


Young Surf Life Saver of the Year The Heard Family Shield Youth Patrol Person of the Year

Emily Thornton


Val Somerville Swimmer

of the Year

Danny White


Susans Craft Person of the Year

Dave Slennett


Noel “Ox” Ferry Award

Jayson Elkins


Most Improved IRB Competitor of the Year

Shaun Sursok


Junior IRB Competitor

of the Year

Hannah Schnorpfeil


Senior IRB Competitor of the Year

Dave Callan


IRB Support Person of the Year

Craig Mason


Cunninghams Club Person of the Year

Grant Henderson


Warren Molloy Boat Person of the Year

Damien Daley


Bob McGeachie Boat Crew

of the Year

U19 Male Boat Crew -$10 Steaks

Zac Lai, Nic Lesiuk, Xavier Allen-Cox, Richard Ledger and DD


Alan Butler Most Improved Boat Person of the Year

U19 Female Boat Crew

Willow Doyle, Lucy McIntyre, Julia Altenburger, Sophie Berry and DD


Paul Hammond Awards

Outstanding Female Beach Competitor

Merrilee Linegar 


Outstanding Male Beach Competitor

Michael Gedz 


Outstanding Performance at Aussie Titles

Bob Wilson 


Winning relay teams from Aussies
230+ Men’s - Brian Dolly, Ross Collins, Bob Wilson, Steve Hoy 

200+ Women’s - Annabel Nelson, Kelly Mcfadden, Robyn Henderson, Merrilee Linegar   


“The Paul Hammond” master’s Competitors of The Year

David Shearsby

Phil Brid


Trainer of the Year

Maddie Perkins



Captain of the Year

Rob McNamara


Senior Patrol Person of the Year

Kerry Seipelt


The Heard Family Rookie of

the Year

Brad Mergyl


JIM ASHTON Most Patrol Hours

(over 50 hours patrolled)

Beth Laughton, Helen Molloy, David Webb, Jessica Way, Gavin Larkings, Emily Thornton, Trudy Rebbeck, Malcolm Armour, Robert Owen, Liesl Maslen, Julia Altenburger, Ian Johnston, Fionna Broe, Marc Skelton, Kelly Beverly, Robert McNamara, Sarah Motherway, Garth Hickey, Jake Condon, Ashleigh Broe, Justin McGirr, Luke Barlow Sam Cleary, Olivia Hibbitt, Adam Taylor, Maddie Perkins, Sam Kitchen, Graham Lugsdin, Talia Mason, Shaun Sursok, Tiffany Hutcheson, John O'Toole, Kevin Harris, Garry Fox, Andrew Townsend


Over 100 Hours Patrolled

Andrew Thomson-Ko

Mark Creighton

Ernest Mills

Kerry Seipelt

Michael Studden


Patrol Team of the Year

Patrol 7 (Over 30 hours each)

Kelly Beverley

Robyn Henderson
Amelie Letchford
Harry Yandle
Miranda Osborne
Simon Dorahy
Hayley Economos
Wade Beach
Charley Porter
Grant Henderson
Adrian Halliday
Ian Johnston
Jake Condon
Andrew Townsend


100% Patrol Attendance

Fionna Broe

Mark Creighton

Tim Hayes

Ed Kwanten

Gavin Larkings

Justin McGirr

Robert McNamara

Marc Skelton

Michael Studden

Col White

Robert Wilson

Garry Fox

Graham Lugsdin

Talia Mason


Top 3 at State Receive a Swim for Saxon Swimmers.


4th, 5th and 6th at Aussie receive a Cheeki Drink Bottle


Top 3 at Aussie receive a Swell Drink Bottle.