Motorised rescue craft have been used on Sydney beaches since the early 1970’s, and its current form, the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB), is the ‘workhorse’ of Surf Life Saving and rescue on Australian beaches.


The IRB serves several main purposes at Queenscliff Club:


  • The primary patrol and rescue craft during regular weekend surf patrols over the seven months of the year Queenscliff beach is patrolled
  • As water safety craft at surf carnivals along the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Queenscliff boats, drivers and crew are regularly used at other events such as the Cole Classic, State and Australian Championships
  • During the winter months for competition racing, where Queenscliff competes against other clubs throughout NSW and Australia in a host of events. The racing and requisite training required builds very high levels of skills in drivers and crew to handle rescues in all types of conditions during patrol season.


Well trained drivers and crew along with up to date and well maintained equipment are essential to maximising the effectiveness of this vital service.