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Latest Patrol News (updated 20 September 2016)


Patrol Roster

Please click here for Patrol Calendar, which also lists Carnivals and Events planned for the beach.

The Patrol Roster lists are only accessible by registering and logging in. Click on the box on the Home Page that looks like the following:

Once you have registered (select access group Patrol Member) you need to Log In each time you wish to access the Patrol Lists (containing Name and Contact details plus Patrol dates and times). For privacy of our Patrol members the Club has removed unlimited access to all Patrol Lists.

Please advise changes and archiving of lapsed members to the office via the Patrol Log.



For Season 2016/17

Pre-Season Information Pack - Download the SLS NSW Pre-Season Info Pack here

Sydney Northern Beaches Info Guide - Download the SNB Info Guide here

Printed copies have been mailed to clubs, additional copies are available from Branch office. 

From past Seasons


Keeping up to date




PCs and VCs should consider subscribing to SLS NSW Club Mail and SLS SNB Newsletter as well as quarterly Shorebreak

Patrol Audits A copy of the Audit form is linked here for Patrol Captains and Vice Captains to review. As a reminder, patrols caps should be worn on the head, uniforms must be complete and SurfCom must be advised if the patrol tent is taken down during patrol hours for any reason.

Binoculars - a pair must be kept in the plastic equipment box on the beach.

Lifejackets for IRB Driver and Crew - lifejackets must be worn by all Crew and Drivers when using the IRB. When in training, patients are also required to wear a lifejacket when in the IRB. Please wash off salt at the end of Patrol and hang in Patrol Shed.


Sunday Club Swims - Patrol Captains who are on a Sunday morning Patrol are to ensure the IRB remains behind the "cans" until all club swimmers exit the water. If we could have a few on rescue boards as well, this would add to the safety for our valuable members.

Epipens - if carried by a patient, they can be administered by trained users.


Club House showers - are locked and can be opened by key ring swipe or wrist key  - available at no cost for PCs and VCs from the Office. This will enable patrolling members who may not use the gym to still be able to have a hot shower after patrol or patients stung by bluebottles to access hot showers.

Sign On Sheet - Patrol Captains should carry with them the sign-on sheet throughout the patrol, or at the very least ensure that it is always within eyesight or allocated to a VC. As significant custodians of safety for our beach when on patrol, it is vital that this sheet is maintained with the correct names at ALL times. It is critical that PCs/VCs know who is and is not available should any emergencies arise.

Radio Procedures - Patrol Sign On and Off and Calling an Ambulance: The attached flow-charts outline the current radio procedures for patrol sign-on and sign-off and for calling an ambulance.

Please would you ensure that your Patrol members are aware of these procedures. 

All patrol members should review the procedures to ensure their knowledge is current. 

Rescue Boards: For storage of boards, put all the Kracka boards (Patrol Use only) on the right hand racks in the shed. Training boards are to be stored on the left hand side.

Radios: The radios multi-charging bars make it easy to slightly misalign a radio when inserted.The indicator light on the individual radio does not then form a solid charging red and remains an occasional flashing red. Please ensure radios are correctly aligned on insertion at the end of the afternoon patrol.

Pre & Post Patrol Equipment Checks: All Patrol Captains should do a full equipment check at the beginning and end of each and every patrol shift, with particular focus on the areas with consumables e.g. radios, IRB, oxy and first aid etc. Report any damaged or non compliant equipment on the Patrol Log.

Patrol Inspections: each of the 21 Clubs have 6 patrol Inspections through the season.Click here for the Patrol Audit Form.

Am I proficient in my awards? How many patrol hours have I done? Now you can  keep on top of your patrol hours to date and currency of awards by going to Lifesaving Online. Click here to register or Log In.


The red backpack first aid kit (including oxy viva) is stored in the First Aid Room for use in more remote locations eg on Queenscliff headland rock path. Remember to check oxy levels at the start of patrol.


Always check the radios are tuned to Channel 2 at the start of patrol, with the exception of the patrol captain's radio which should be tuned to Channel 3 (SurfCom). Please ensure all radios are put in Waterproof cases when on patrol.  This is to stop them getting sand in them (as well as water). Please ensure radios are all put back in the correct charger, so that a red light comes on showing they are charging.

Sunday PM Patrol - please empty the garbage bin at the end of the day as it is rank by the next Saturday. Sweep out the Patrol room, turn off the air conditioner and turn off the lights.