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The Queensie Surf Boat section, affectionately known as the QRU (Queenscliff Rowers Union) has a distinguished history in Surf Boat Rowing and has been one of the most competitive Surf Boat Club’s in Australia for decades.


With multiple National, State and Branch champions over the years Queensie crews are regular finalists in most carnivals across a number of divisions.


The Club regularly fields around 10 competitive crews each season and is fortunate to have a large number of Boats, Sweeps and Rowers to ensure that the successful competitive Surf Boat culture at the Club is continued.



Recent Achievements:


  • National Champions Men’s U23 Division 2012/2013

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  • ASRL, Manly, Branch, Pac Palms Reserve Champions Men’s Reserve Division 2012/2013
  • Multiple State and Branch Finalists across a number of Divisions
  • World Champion Masters Champions




Squad training starts in September each season.


For more information about getting involved with Surf Boats at Queensie please contact:


Alex Welsh (Sweep) 0421 141 669 or