Clubhouse Building Works

Clubhouse 2030 Master Planning and Development


QSLSC Building Committee Update

Over the past two years or so the Building Committtee has expanded its role  and under the instruction from the President and Executive Committee has now taken on a "Planning" function.

So in addition to it's areas of maintenance and small projects, etc. around the Club building and following the Antella-driven extension to the Craft/IRB shed for the Manly Council Lifeguards and new shared First Aid room, we have been working on a 2030 Master Plan.


For those who are not familiar with the Building Committee it comprises the following members:

Building Committee
Craig Susans
Greg Heard
Alan Butler
Ray Williams
Barry Antella
Peter Daley
Ian Saunders
Grant Spradbrow
Chris Snel
Mark Clare-Nazer
Alex Welsh


And over the past two years we have:



  • Taken the decision to prepare a Master Plan (MP) as the basis for a DA lodgment, which would set the framework for fund raising and smaller jobs over the coming years;
  • Prepared a survey of Club members to see what they saw as important in their Club in 2030;
  • Developed a Master Planning brief based on the outputs from the survey;
  • Successfully co-opted Ken Woolley (the original design Architect for the Club building) as an advisor for the Master Planning;
  • Secured the services of Wayne McPhee, an Architect with strong credentials in master planning, refurbishment and conservation work for many years. Wayne volunteered his services to develop some options in response to the MP Brief without charges for professional time;
  • Presented a preferred draft option to the Building Committee and received a lot of very constructive and positive feedback as well as ideas for improvement within the constraints;
  • Have received sketches for the treatment of new doors/windows/weather awning in the east face of the hall wall to access a new balcony from the elevated hall from Ken Woolley;
  • Presented the revised Option 2 of the master plan via the President for information and any further feedback;
  • Announced the MP concept planning to the Manly Council surf clubs committee to demonstrate progress and direction;
  • Announced the MP option planning at the 2012 AGM;
  • Received support and approval of funds from the President to accept a fixed fee from Wayne McPhee Architecture to commence preparation of DA documentation.



The Committee has reviewed the drafts of the DA documentation and these are available below to download and view by all Club members.



Draft DA Documents








Draft Craft Layouts and Perspectives 1




  A01 CRAFT STORAGE Perspectives


Draft Craft Layouts and Perspectives 2








Next Steps


The Club President and Committee are now proposing to:


  • Secure a builder estimate for the work involved in the 2030 MP as outlined in the DA drawings;
  • Present the plans to members, as we are doing here and/or displays in the Club room;
  • Present the plans to key decision leaders like Jean Hay and perhaps Mike Baird;
  • Have the SA plans finalised towards the end of September / early October 2012
  • and then lodge a DA for the Queenscliff SLSC 2030 Master Plan;
  • Then pursue funding grants, and fundraising.



The Committee looks forward to presenting the final draft DA documents to all Club members as soon as they are available.


If you have any comments, ideas or would like more information please contact Alan Butler.