SLSA Members Portal for Queensie Members

The SLSA Members Portal is for use by all members of SLSA for your convinience.  You will be able to renew your Membership, update details and make payments online.


Members Portal

This system is for members of Surf Life Saving Clubs and affiliated entities. To create an account click here.

Creating an account is a three stage process that requires matching membership information to be entered – if successful you will be sent a one-time-only activation code that you will need to enter in order to confirm your identity.


If you have already registered click here.


If you have forgotten your username or password, click on this link.


If you are a member of the public who would like to join a surf club, please go to our Join page in order to begin your membership application.
For New or renewing Members you can now group members together as a family under one login.  To find out more please click here.


This portal currently contains access to your surf lifesaving records (including memberships, patrol hours/rosters, awards and personal details), a file library, a central news and information area, and a forms and workflow area. Some activities members can do here:

• Renew Membership of a surf club
• Check awards and patrol hours
• Download a Circular
• View job adverts
• Read local and national surf lifesaving news
• Apply for a Service Award
• Submit a news item


If you are going to use The Members Portal, please read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use And Disclaimer Policy below.


Assistance in the use of Members Portal can be found by logging at ticket at, by emailing or phoning 1300 724 006.
Any queries relating to your membership application or change of details should be made directly to the Club or support organisation.


If you need to find contact information for your club please go to the SLSA Club Directory.
Creating Family Groups
Family Groups are primarily used by an adult to manage the memberships of a child/ other adults to whom they are related. How and when you may use family groups is up to yourself, however, renewal time is a good opportunity. The way Family Groups will work is:
  • A member or new member who is over 18 can request a Family Group creation either at the time of joining or when in the portal using Lifesaving Online.
  • Clubs must approve (in Pending Requests) in Surfguard all requests to create a Family Group from Lifesaving Online in Portal and from
  • To create a family group, one of the adults must also be a member (all Family Groups must have a Primary member over 18)

For More information Click Here.


SLSA Payment Gateway
Club  Members  and  the  Public  
Surf  Life  Saving  Australia  created  the  Payment  Gateway  to  enable  surf  lifesaving   clubs  and other  affiliated  organisations  to  accept  payment  via  credit  card  for   services  and  goods. Membership,  course  fees,  uniform  costs  and  donations  can   all  be  made  in  a  secure environment  managed  for  SLSA  by  Westpac. 
Payment  Gateway  User  Guide       
Payment  Details  
You  can  find  the  Payment  Gateway  at  On  first  arriving  at   the gateway,  the  club  (or  other  SLSA  service)  may  have  been  pre-­‐filled  in  the   'Choose  your Club  or  Service'  entry  box.  However  if  this  is  blank,  please  enter  the   name  of  the  club or  service.    
As  you  begin  typing  the  name,  a  list  of  possible  clubs  or  services  will  appear   beneath your  text;  if  the  club  you  wish  to  pay  does  not  appear  in  this  list  then   they  are  not active  on  the  Payment  Gateway  and  you  will  need  to  find  alternative   means  of  payment by  contacting  the  club  or  organisation.    
Transaction  Type  
The  Payment  Gateway  can  be  used  to  make  a  wide  range  of  payments  from  an   annual  membership  fee  to  a  clothing  payment.  Indeed  any  club  or  service  that  is   signed  up  to  the  gateway  can  accept  payment  for  absolutely  anything.    
Your  club  or  organisation  should  have  advised  you  which  category  to  use  when   making  the  payment.  To  begin  making  your  payment  select  that  transaction  type   from  the  drop-­‐down  box.  If  there  is  no  entry  that  closely  matches  the  payment   you  wish  to  make  then  simply  select  'Other'.    
Price  List   If  you  are  unsure  of  the  cost  of  an  item  then  you  can  view  the  price  list  for  the   club  or  service  by  clicking  on  the  View  Price  List  link  (if  available)  next  to  the  club   entry  window.  If  your  club  has  not  set  a  price  list,  the  link  will  not  show  up.  

Meaningful  Payment  Details  
The  Payment  Details  window  is  a  text  entry  box  in  which  you  enter  information   that  identifies  you  as  the  payee,  along  with  anything  else  you  wish  the  club  or   service  to  know.  Some  example  entries:  
␣ Yvette  Rutherford  -­‐  Active  Club  Membership  Fee  2015/2016  season   ␣ Smith  Family  Membership  Payment  for  Grant,  Yvette  and  Trent   ␣ State  Accommodation  Payment     ␣ Yvette  Rutherford  -­‐  Donation  to  club  for  rescuing  my  daughter  from  a  rip  
Everything  you  enter  into  the  text  box  will  be  included  in  the  details  sent  to  the   club  after  your  credit  card  payment  has  been  approved.  
Enter  the  dollar  amount  (including  GST)  of  the  item  you  are  purchasing.  If  you   are  purchasing  more  than  one  item,  such  as  a  membership  fee,  a  course  fee  and   an  item  of  clothing,  then  enter  each  item  on  its  own  line.    You  can  enter  up  to   five  different  items  in  the  one  transaction.  
Personal  Details  
In  the  three  boxes  at  the  bottom  of  the  screen,  enter  your  name,  contact  details   (usually  a  mobile  phone  number)  and  a  valid  email  address  that  you  would  like   the  receipt  sent  to.  Please  ensure  that  you  enter  your  email  address  carefully  as   the  receipt  will  only  be  sent  once.  After  entering  your  email  address,  click  the   Submit  button.  
Credit  Card  Details  
Enter  your  credit  card  details  in  the  boxes  provided.  The  Card  Verification  Value   is  the  three  digit  number  on  the  rear  of  your  card.  When  you  are  happy  that  the   details  are  correct,  click  the  Submit  button.  

Payment  Confirmation  
The  payment  confirmation  page  enables  you  to  double-­‐check  that  you  have   entered  everything  correctly.  Please  make  sure  that  the  club  or  organisation  that   you  are  paying  is  correct,  that  the  amount,  your  personal  details  and  the  credit   card  details  are  correct.  When  you  are  satisfied  that  everything  is  in  order,  click   the  Submit  button.  
You  will  now  be  informed  whether  your  payment  has  been  successful  and   advised  by  email  at  the  nominated  address.  
What  happens  next?  
Your  club  will  receive  notification  of  your  payment  as  soon  as  you  have  paid,   however  they  will  not  receive  the  funds  into  their  bank  account  until  the  next   working  day  (for  payments  made  prior  to  5pm).    
You  will  receive  a  receipt  in  the  form  of  a  Tax  Invoice  of  the  transaction  summary   of  your  payment,  please  keep  this  for  your  records.