Skills Maintenance Program

Get a head start on your Skills Maintenance (proficiency)

SLSA members can use the TappnEd interactive video platform for content and skills refresher training prior to annual skills maintenance programs, and can do so on nearly any device, any time and from any location with internet access as part of SLA’s emphasis on innovation in learning and education.


TappnEd’s unique video technology allows SLSA members to view, engage and test themselves with fully interactive SLSA training videos on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Bronze Medallion training videos are used, and refresher questions are all contained within the video frame as an overlay on the paused video content. No third-party app downloads are necessary and the videos range from one to four minutes.


How can you access it?

The interactive videos are free to use and there is no log-in required. Simply click on links to the websites listed below:


01 - Resuscitation - 2 Person
02 - Resuscitation - 1 Person
04 - Board Rescue - Conscious Patient
05 - Board Rescue - Unconscious Patient
06 - Tube Rescue - Conscious Patient
07 - Tube Rescue - Unconscious Patient
08 - Spinal Board Carry - Patient in Water
09 - Spinal Board Carry - Patient in Standing Position
10 - IRB Lift and Carry
12 - Resuscitation - 4 Person including Oxy Viva and Defib
13 - IRB Awareness - Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry


What is it for?

These interactive videos are just for you to practice prior to your skills maintenance, or at any time, as much as you like. It is not compulsory; results are not documented anywhere; and it is not trackable to specific members.


Why should you use it?

To review key lifesaving skills prior to attending your skills maintenance activities for the upcoming season.


Good luck!!