Nominations for QSLSC Club Board Directors 2020-21

Nominations close Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Election of candidates for the QSLSC Board will occur at the AGM, 10:30 am on Sunday 2nd August 2020.

The Board’s primary responsibility is one of trusteeship on behalf of the Club’s members and stakeholders, ensuring that the legal entity, the Club, remains viable and effective in the present and for the future.  The Board’s role includes determining the Club’s strategic direction, core values and ethical framework, as well as key objectives and performance measures.  A key critical component of this role is the Board’s ultimate authority and responsibility for financial operations and budgeting to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives


Board member’s obligations (as set out in the Constitution, Schedule 2) include:

Club Board members must always exercise their powers and discharge their duties with the duty of care a reasonable person would expect.


Club Board members must:

  • Act in good faith and a proper purpose.
  • Ensure they do not have a materiel personal interest in the subject in question.
  • Ensure they are fully informed about the subject in question to the level they reasonably believe is appropriate.
  • Always make decisions in the best interest of the Club.
  • Not make improper use of information gained from holding their role at the Club.
  • Not gain advantage for themselves or any other person
  • Cause detriment to the Club.


QSLSC Constitution stipulates that the Board comprises of

  • The President
  • The Deputy President
  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer


And up to eleven (11) other Directors; i.e.

  • Vice President (two positions)
  • Captain
  • Lifesaving Director
  • Competition and Coaching Director
  • Deputy Competition and Coaching Director
  • General Activities Director
  • Chief Instructor
  • Junior Activities (Nippers) Director
  • Member’s Welfare Director
  • Marketing and Sponsorship Director


Position Descriptions for the Board membership roles are provided in the Club’s Constitution, Schedule 1 and are set out below.


If you are interested in nominating for membership of the Board please complete the Nomination Form at Click here and return it to Member Services Director, Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club or PO Box 98, Manly NSW 1655 by Wednesday 1st July 2020.   A Club Officer will contact you on receipt of your nomination.





Shall be the official representative and spokesperson of the Club. Shall be entitled to be Chair of all Club meetings at which present. In the President’s absence the Deputy President shall normally act as Chair.  The Chair shall, when presiding, have a deliberative and casting vote and have ultimate authority on questions of order.  The President shall have the power to call a special Board meeting if in the President’s opinion a meeting is needed.



In the absence of the President, the Deputy President shall represent the

Club and carry out the President’s duties. Shall generally provide support to the President



Shall attend all meetings of the Club. Shall be responsible for the recording of minutes of all business dealt with, and shall be responsible to see that all records of the Club are properly kept. Shall issue notices of meetings when required and shall conduct the Club’s correspondence and post notices in the clubhouse as directed by the Board or as required under Club rules.


In the absence of the Treasurer the Secretary may have authority to receive moneys on behalf of the Club and account same to the Treasurer. Shall be entitled to attend all sub-committee meetings within the Club without power to vote unless expressly appointed to such sub-committees.


Shall coordinate the preparation of the Club’s Annual Report for submission to the AGM of the Club and shall have such report endorsed by the Board.   Shall keep a summary of important resolutions passed by the Club’s Board from time to time.



Shall receive and be responsible for all moneys and shall keep a membership roll, cash book and any other records which may be required to show the financial status of all members.


Shall report to the Board any member whose subscription or other dues are more than one month in arrears. Shall submit a financial statement of the Club together with any other records considered appropriate at each Board meeting, and at the end of the financial year shall submit audited financial statements for the Board and members to consider at the AGM. 


Shall keep an inventory of the Club property and for such purpose may request any officer to provide a list of property under their control.





Up to two (2) Vice Presidents may act as advisors to the President on matters of policy and procedure as well as on facts and information material to Club welfare.  They will carry out such duties as are requested of them by the President.



Shall be responsible for the general conduct of the members, when associated with the Club’s activities. Shall have the power to refuse the use of Club property to any member as the Captain shall see fit. Shall arrange patrols and select personnel and captains thereof. Working with the Club Vice Captains co-ordinating Patrols and ensure their duties are correctly applied.



Shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of all Surf Life Saving patrols during the nominated surfing season and ensure all eligible members are rostered to patrols and to patrol duties. Shall also ensure all members eligible for patrol are proficient.


Shall arrange, in conjunction with the Chief Instructor, for the conduct of the skills maintenance tests for patrol members each season and shall ensure that all members undertaking such tests are provided with an opportunity to update their knowledge/technique of the respective skill maintenance areas prior to the test.


Shall ensure the correct standard of patrol Life Saving equipment and shall liaise with the Chief Instructor for the integration of new award holders into patrols.

May be responsible for overseeing the following officers of the Club:

  • Patrol Captains
  • Radio Officer
  • First Aid Officer
  • Gear Stewart



Shall be responsible for liaising with all Club competition sections and ensure competition is conducted safely, in accordance with competition policies of SLSA and/or the Club, and in a sportsman like manner.  May be Chair of the competition Selection Committee and Competition Committee.


Shall endeavour to improve coaching standards within the Club by:

  • Encouraging existing coaches who have not attained the relevant coaching accreditation to become accredited;
  • Encouraging existing coaches to keep abreast of development in their respective discipline and to upgrade their coaching accreditation; and
  • Assisting and encouraging Club members with perceived coaching potential or, who have indicated a strong interest in coaching, to become an accredited coach.


Shall report on all significant issues raised, as well as attendance at the Competition Committee meetings together with the general welfare and competition activities of each section, to meetings of the Board.   Shall relate all relevant details of the Board meetings to meetings of the Competition Committee.


Shall ensure the correct submission of all competition entries and shall liaise with the Club Captain and Lifesaving Director regarding competitors’ obligations to patrol hours.


May be responsible for overseeing the co-ordination of the activities which may include the following:

  • Boat Captain
  • Swim, Board and Ski Captain
  • Beach Captain
  • R&R Captain
  • Club Race Secretary and Handicapper
  • Junior Director
  • Carnival Secretary



Shall assist the Competition and Coaching Director.



Shall be the first point of contact for all events to be held by the Club.  Will arrange preparation of a draft calendar of the season’s competition carnivals conducted by the Club and the season’s social activities (including Junior Activities) and shall review and refer with recommendations to the Board for consideration.


Shall oversee the organising of the Club’s Annual Awards Presentation.


Shall be responsible for the purchase and sale of Club’s apparel including Junior Activities apparel. 


Shall convene meetings of the Building Committee as required and submit recommendations to the Board for consideration.  May oversee a Touring Committee ensuring sufficient Club accommodation for major carnivals (State and Australians) is secured, and that appropriate travel arrangements are in place and that the appropriate Club uniforms are obtained.


Shall ensure the proper maintenance, cleanliness and care of the Clubhouse proper.


May be responsible for overseeing the activities of other related officers who may include:

•Social Coordinator and Catering Officer

•Gym Co-Ordinator

•Building Committee

•Maintenance Officer

•Touring Team Manager



Shall arrange all classes for members in training of awards and qualifications and shall report any such member who fails to attend such classes to the Board.  Shall have control, subject only to the Captain of the instruction of all members in the area of surf lifesaving, and shall have authority to call upon other qualified instructors to provide assistance in this regard.  Shall submit a report as required to regular Board meeting of Club activities under the Chief Instructor’s control. Shall keep a register of successful and unsuccessful examination candidates and this register is to be presented to the Secretary after completion of the final squad for the season.



Be responsible for the Club’s Junior Activities. 


Shall ensure proper conduct and coordination of all matters relating to Junior Activities.  Shall be responsible for organising and overseeing Junior Activity members with an education and teaching experience in a wide range of subjects and skills within Surf Life Saving.


Shall prepare Junior Activity members for their eventual transition to senior membership. 


Shall be responsible for Junior competition and activities.


Shall be responsible for coordinating the training and development of Junior Activities members and encourage their participation in training and competition at all possible levels.


Shall be responsible for the leadership of age managers, junior competition managers and a junior gear steward.



Be responsible ensuring the experience of all Club members is monitored, reviewed and continuously improved, having particular regard to health and safety issues.



Shall lead the club’s brand awareness activities, marketing for new members and the development of financial support from existing and new sponsors and be responsible for the control and implementation of all fundraising activities and shall account to the Treasurer for the results. Shall submit all proposals to the Board for Approval.




In addition to the elected Board members, the Board may appoint members to a number of roles within the Club.  These officers may be invited to attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity



In addition to the elected Board members, the Board will appoint a member to the position of Child Protection Officer.  This Officer may be invited to attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity.


The Child Protection Officer shall report to the President. Shall ensure that all members over the age of 18 years complete the appropriate Child Protection form. Shall also advise the Club on, and ensure the Club’s compliance with, the Child Protection Act.


NIPPERS:  Nipper Age Managers, Competition Coordinator and Committee members (boards, beach, swim, lifesaving, march past), Carnival Secretary, Sunday organizer and helpers (area set up), BBQ Roster and BBQ duties, Communications, Gear organizer, Social Event organizers, Sponsorships and fund raising, other…


SURF CLUB:  Junior Captain, Cadet Coordinator.


COMPETITION AND COACHING:  Boat Captain, Board, Ski and Swim Captain, Beach Captain, IRB Captain, R&R Leader, Carnival Organiser, Carnival Secretary (entries).


LIFESAVING:   Deputy Chief Instructor, First Aid Officer, Gear Steward, Radio Officer.


SECRETARIAL AND FINANCE:  Assistant Treasurer, Grants officer, Assistant Secretary/Registrar, Work Health and Safety officer, Public Relations, Internet and IT.


GENERAL ACTIVITIES:  Social Coordinator, Building Convener, Bar Manager, Clothing Shop Manager, Touring Team Organiser, Gym Convener, BBQ and Catering Coordinator, Building Maintenance officer.