Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Club and the Surf Life Saving movement.  The operation and sustainability of our Club relies on our volunteer members.  There are many members who regularly volunteer giving their time freely to the Club in many different capacities.  However, there are many more who do not.  While some members would like to volunteer but don’t know how, the vast majority of members do not get involved and all too often, the heavy lifting is done by a key few. 


We know that there are many benefits to the volunteer:

  • Creates opportunities for our members to connect: Meeting new people, making new friends and expanding networks through shared experiences
  • Builds a healthy body, mind, and enriches the soul: Volunteering can be fun and fulfilling. It positively impacts mental and physical health and well-being


For the 2019-20 season, a 2-tiered membership structure will remain in place, with the aim to encourage broader involvement of members and more evenly distribute the load – “Many hands make light work”!


Under the tiered membership structure, there are 2 broad membership categories:

  1. Volunteering member (WM) – A member who is able to meet the volunteering requirements which is volunteering for a member of pre-selected activities according to their membership category during the season.
  2. Non-Volunteering member (NVM) – A member who is unable to meet the volunteer requirements which is volunteering during the season.  An additional financial premium is attached to this membership category.

Please note that volunteering activities are in addition to any requirement around attendance and participation in normal surf patrols.


Volunteering members will need to complete The Volunteer Declaration Form Click Here.  It is a requirement of the registration process that the member signs up to the required number of volunteer activities before the season begins.  Any shortfall in the volunteering obligations revealed at the end of season audit, will incur a $30 charge per failure to attend. For example, if the Volunteer Member only fulfils 2 of the 3 obligations they be charged $30.  The member will be notified accordingly.


The volunteer SignUp system is an online reservation system which helps manage volunteer bookings.  Volunteer activities are loaded into the system.  Volunteers select suitable dates and activities that they want to volunteer for.  The system will automatically confirm the sign ups and send a reminder prior to the scheduled activity. Click here to sign up:



On the day, volunteers will need to sign on at a volunteer desk.  The administrator updates the system and records whether the volunteer has either fulfilled or unfulfilled their commitment. If an unfulfilled commitment occurs, the volunteer has an opportunity to schedule a ‘make up’ session before the end of the season.


At the end of the season, a reconciliation is conducted between the SignUp schedule and the volunteer sign on/off sheets and any shortfall in duties is then charged at a rate of $30 per session unfulfilled.


Volunteer Obligation Chart

Volunteer Declaration form