Club Honour Awards and Criteria

A Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to a member by virtue of a meritorious rescue performed by the member or who otherwise has given extraordinary service to surf lifesaving, the majority of which has been with the Club.

Such service may include:

  • Bravery under exceptional circumstances
  • Meritorious rescues
  • Competition Achievement
  • Coaching or training achievement
  • Significant lifesaving patrol and associated service as a long serving Active Member
  • Significant administrative contribution (including as a long serving officer of the Club)
  • Other significant contributions to surf life saving, the club and its members.

Life Membership is the highest Club honour and as such is a significant and important award of respect and represents recognition by members of extraordinary and exceptional service to the Club.

A member may be eligible to be awarded Life Membership if they have received a Distinguished Service Award and continued to provide exceptional service.

The Election Process for Club Honours

a) Any two members having at least 10 years satisfactory service to the club may nominate a member for Life Membership and/or Distinguished Service;

b) The nomination should be via online form, which will be received by the President of the Cub, setting out the reasons for the nomination in extensive detail;

  • The nomination is to be considered by a Club Honours Committee of which at least 50 per cent must be Club Life Members;
  • The Club Honours Committee provides a recommendation to the Board;
  • The recommendation must be approved by at least eighty per cent (80%) of the votes cast by those present at the relevant Board meeting and if approved;
  • The nomination shall proceed to the Annual General Meeting and it must be carried by an eighty per cent (80%) majority of the votes cast by those present and entitled to vote;
  • The proposers may speak for the nomination at the Board meeting and the Annual General Meeting;
  • At all meetings where the proposal is considered the vote shall be conducted by secret ballot.

All submissions must very detailed

All submissions are closed

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