All Queensie Nippers have access to our amazing coaching team FOR FREE! Our coaches run sessions on a Sunday as well as during the week.
The details of these will be posted and updated on TeamApp.



At Queensie nippers, during the Summer season we offer three board training sessions a week. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our board trainers, who are Australian State Open and Masters champions, have formal coaching qualifications, and all-round fun to be with. Our board training is overseen by Tim (Happy Days) Hayes, who himself is a current Australian Masters champion. He is assisted by a crew with a wealth of expertise including Masters competitors such as Kevin Harris, Ian Poole and Peter Nankervis. Intermediate and beginner paddlers are often ably assisted by the legendary Col White as well as our expert and experienced water safety crew. Our sessions cover board paddling skills plus ocean swimming.

Board training times
UPDATES will be posted on TEAM APP – if sessions are moved or cancelled. So please download the APP.
Three sessions are offered in the summer season. Subject to change according to coach availability.

  • Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:30pm at Clontarf
  • Friday 4:30pm to 5:30pm at Queenscliff
  • Sunday 8:30am to 9:30am at Queenscliff

Please RSVP – safety first – both water and COVID

We ask that you RSVP on Team App for each session, particularly given the COVID restrictions to training. When you RSVP please indicate whether you need a board, and the age group of your nipper. Whilst we will try and ensure that each nipper who wants to train, has access to board training, due to current COVID regulations, we have to limit training numbers to 40 per training session for the time being. Once the limit is reached no further nippers will be allowed to train for that session.

Please also understand that water safety requirements are one per five nippers in the water. Hence you will note that trainers and water safety will only allow a certain amount of nippers in the water at any one time. These numbers are dependent on surf conditions and the amount of water safety present.

At Queensie we pride ourselves on inclusiveness, competence and competition. We will make every effort to ensure that your nipper learns skills in board paddling, either at training or within the board sessions at nippers. Our experienced water safety crew are bronze qualified, and have spent many years at carnivals and board training. They have the skills to keep your nipper safe. So please make sure you respect and listen to our Water Safety Team as they assist the trainers.

Board allocation is earnt via commitment to board training and competition. Each year we allocate boards to nippers for either the winter or summer season depending on board numbers. For boards to be allocated the following conditions apply;

  • Parents sign a contract understanding that they pay a rental fee for the board for the season that it’s allocated (winter or summer)
  • Parents sign that they’re responsible for the repairs required during the use of the board including the cost
  • Parents are required to purchase a board cover for fibreglass boards
  • Nippers must attend board training during the winter board training season
  • Nippers must attend a minimum of two board training sessions per week during the summer season
  • Nippers must attend Sunday nipper sessions and NOT leave after board training
  • Nippers must compete for Queenscliff for at least three carnivals during the nipper season
  • Nippers must compete for Queenscliff at branch and state carnivals
  • All parents of these nippers need to ensure that the fibreglass board is scrutinised.
  • ALL PARENTS of nippers with allocated boards must provide either THREE water safety or official shifts at carnivals throughout the season
  • Re-allocation/ board musters usually occur in NOV/DEC for summer and APRIL for winter.

Queensie Board Hire Agreement_2020_21

As your nipper partakes in board training as well as board sessions during nippers, they may find that they become interested in competition. If that’s the case, we are happy to allocate a board to your nipper. We will ask for your patience, when boards are not available. If this is the case, boards may need to be shared at competition, or the competitive nipper can take a club board for that particular carnival.


We ask that if you don’t have a board allocated that you use one of the club boards during training or nippers, PLEASE USE THESE BOARDS.

Boards available for nipper use during training and nippers will have a GREEN STICKER on them. We ask that you ONLY use these boards during training or nippers. Remember “Look for the Green Sticker”.

BOARDS allocated will typically be kept in a board cover and/or should have the nippers name written on the board across the nose of the board. This board is allocated to a nipper for training, competitions and general nippers. Please DON’T USE ALLOCATED BOARDS for GENERAL USE. Boards can become easily damaged in the surf. When a board is mistreated they can be dinged and will crack and are costly to repair. For example, one week (in Oct 2020) we had six boards damaged and four of those were competitors boards required for competition the very next week. Repair costs for these will be $600.   

Our competitive nippers are regularly trained in how to care for boards. We have put together a guide so as to assist your nipper with the maintenance of the boards. Replacements/repairs to boards are costly. We appreciate our nippers respecting the equipment they use.

We ask that you please:

  • always carry your board, never drag it
  • check your board before you use it, and after you are finished. Please check for dings or cracks. If there are dings or cracks, please notify one of the water safety crew, your age manager, or ideally Catriona Ormond or Trudy Rebbeck.
  • Please wash your board before it goes back in the nipper boardroom or the trailer.

Further enquiries about board training, or board care can be made to the water training coordinator Trudy Rebbeck on

Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club