Due to the overhead associated with the attendance of carnivals we have the following information that will apply to all targeted carnivals.

Due to resources required to attend a carnival which include officials, water safety and Covid management, Queenscliff SLSC will advise the close of entry date that you MUST enter your nipper via our website.

NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted under any circumstances.

This means no entry after the Queenscliff advised date.  Any other date you may see on a carnival flyer is for the management of the resources in order to attend the carnival and is not relevant to the Nippers carnival entry.

There will be no correspondence entered into with any club member in regard to the decision made by the Nipper carnival committee or competition manager.

Parents may be required to reimburse the Club for entry fees in the case of non-attendance or withdrawal from a Carnival.

Rules around COVID and attendance at the carnival may vary for each event.

Given the water safety and official requirements to run a carnival (quotas are per capita) – ALL COMPETITOR’S  PARENTS will need to provide water safety, OR be an official at a minimum of 3 carnivals this season (exempt if you are the HEAD age manager for your group). When registering we will ask for your availability for that carnival. If you are not a CURRENT qualified bronze member (as of 22 Oct 2020) you will need to Officiate. We ask that you complete your officials course asap. Please email to register for the course. This is mandatory at all clubs and with our growing competitor numbers, we must now enforce this policy.