Latest Nipper News

Firstly – a massive thank you to all our Age managers, Communication Managers and Parent Helpers.
We could not run a great Nipper Program without you!
Four important updates this week!

State Carnival Entries

The NSW State Champs (proudly hosted by Queenscliff SLSC again this season) are the best competitors from all around NSW battling to win the title of best in State.
We are well represented in most age groups and If you intend on competing, please talk to your age manager regarding potential entry. Important to note – entries close at the end of November (2 weeks from now).
Whilst we are on the topic of carnivals – Queensie (unlike some other clubs) subsidises the costs of competition entry. If you are registered to compete and don’t turn up – we are still charged the full cost of entry.
On this point – if you are registered to compete and don’t turn up – we will be asking you to pay back the entry cost in full.


Just a reminder – once the Nipper session has completed, can each age group please ensure all equipment is returned to the club (washed and sand removed).
Our equipment is really expensive and we are not in a financial position to replace it whenever it is lost.

Additional Training

I’m loving the commitment of some of our Nippers attending our additional training sessions. You can definitely see the improvements in the skills, performance and overall fitness.
I would ask a couple of things. If you are coming to one of these, it is really important to RSVP on the Team App at least the day before (rsvping as you pull up to training is not at all helpful). This ensures we have enough water safety, coaches, equipment etc .

Officials Course

You may have seen that I have sent an email to all Nipper parents from U9’s to U14’s asking for new Carnival Officials.
For every Carnival we are compelled to provide a group of Officials to support / facilitate the competition. It is not difficult and actually a bit of fun as you are right in the action.
I would encourage any parents who have Nippers intending on competing this year to RSVP for the Officials training ASAP. There is some online pre-work that needs to be completed in advance of the face to face training.
The Training will be held at 6.30pm on Thursday 30th November @ Queenscliff Surf Club.
Have a great week and see you on the Sand on Sunday!

Anthony Rose

Junior Activities Director
Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club
Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club