Patrol Restrictions and Travel Exemptions

For the time being, unless you need a substitute, we request members only attend their own rostered patrols as we keep patrol numbers at a level that meets our Lifesaving Service Agreement and enables us to keep the beach safe without gathering additional members.  Patrols at this time are also restricted to members aged 16 years and over under current public health orders. Those members living outside of the Northern Beaches, particularly any who live in restricted LGAs, will need to follow additional protocols. Vaccines are strongly encouraged.

As you will be aware, your Patrol Calendar is now on the website under the members’ section “lifesaving”.  Can you please confirm to your Patrol Captain if you will be returning for the season and if so, put your patrol dates in your diaries.

What will Safe Patrolling look like this season?

While restrictions are currently in place, to ensure your safety and wellbeing and we encourage you to review our website under the members section “Patrols Training and Patient Treatment during Covid”.   Masks are mandatory while on patrol except during aquatic activities. 

Members residing in Local Government Areas of Concern

To participate in any SLS activity, members residing in Local Government Areas of Concern are not permitted to travel to the Club if our LGA is without restrictions.  In addition they must:

  1. Apply for a Service NSW permit
  2. Complete the SLSNSW Travel Exemption Request Form
  3. Have had at least their first vaccination dose.

Members in stay-at-home areas

If these members are required to travel outside of their LGA to participate in critical Surf Lifesaving activities (patrols are included) they should complete the SLSNSW Travel Exemption Request Form. Individual travel exemptions are being approved by SLSNSW.

What you need to do to GET READY:

1) Pay your membership online before 30 September Members Portal
Please note that membership of SLSNSW is valid until 30 September each year.  This means in respect to insurance, members are not covered after that and cannot participate in SLS activities until their membership is paid.  This includes practical proficiencies.

2) Complete your dry skills maintenance (proficiency) online through your members’ portal Members Portal under “elearning” and “my training”.  There are 2 questions you need to complete.

3) Wet Skills Maintenance (proficiency) will be signed off on patrol by your Patrol Captain

Make sure you complete your skills maintenance proficiencies as soon as possible before 31 DecemberIf you are a competitor make sure you complete your 15 hours and proficiencies well before 31 December. Please see our patrol policy in the members section under “lifesaving”.

See you soon on the beach 🙂

Kelly Beverley and Sam Kitchen

Club Captains

Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club