Queenscliff SLSC Membership – Renewal

Dear Members,

Welcome to another exciting new season at Queensie! We will continue to work hard to create a safe environment for our community to continue to thrive.

We are looking forward to a less eventful season ahead with good weather and less disruptions.  We will again be hosting the NSW State Titles in early 2023, keep an eye on our website for updates and ways to be involved, www.queensie.com

Our Nippers program will be up and running, with continued support from SNB Branch and NB Council we will be back to normal Nippers like pre COVID times! We would appreciate it if everyone can renew their membership as soon as possible, this will help us with planning and preparing for the exciting new season. Our first Nippers Sunday will be Sunday 16th October 2022.

Queensie Membership Renewal and Payment for the 2022-2023 Season is again online via SLSA Members Area Portal.  Click here to RENEW via the Members Portal.

If you have never used the Members Area before you will need to create a new account. Please click here for a user guide to the Members Area portal.
Note you will need to have a members account for each individual member joining.

If you have an account and can’t remember your login details, click the forgotten username/password link to retrieve your information.

Log into the Members Area, check all your details are correct and up to date and make any payments due online.  YOU MUST DO BOTH – RENEW and PAY until payment is received we are unable to process your membership.


Log into your Members Portal account.

Once in the portal there will be a yellow prompt to RENEW membership for Queenscliff or RENEW membership for a Family Group.
If not select the Memberships Tab and then Renewals, Payments & Transfers link and select to Renew your Queensie Membership.


Once you have COMPLETED YOUR RENEWAL for an individual or family group you will then be prompted to MAKE A PAYMENT.
(The portal will now ask if you would like to use ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS so have them ready to go! If you log out before making your payment you will not be prompted to use your vouchers)

Please note if you choose Family Membership payment in the Other list and you are using active kids vouchers you will need to do the following;

Please send active kids vouchers to admin@queenscliffslsc.org.au (we will process them for you, due to a change in the SLSA system they are still trying to fix). Make sure you deduct the voucher amount from the Family Membership fee of $300 and then when prompted to pay please put in the amount of remaining fee due.

To access the online payment screen at any time, log into the Portal, select the Memberships Tab and then Renewals, payments & transfers link under Queensie Surf Club details select make payment.  You will also get an email sent to you that you can click on to make payment.
Or Click here to pay via payment Gateway.  Please note you can add different transactions and pay them together.  So you can have transaction 1 Membership Fee and add another Transaction, Transaction 2 put in a Competition fee.


A family member over 18 years can create a Family Group that will enable them to manage and renew all family members at once.  To access Family Groups in the Portal select the Memberships Tab and then select Family from the Sub Menu.


Every Child (5 – 18 Years old) who has a current Medicare and is enrolled in school from Kindergarten to year 12 is eligible but;

Please note: The voucher can only be used for online renewals through members’ portal.  Unless you are paying for a Family Membership which is mentioned above. There is a guide Click here(If you have already paid your membership fees for the current season you can’t make a claim for a cash refund of the kids voucher amount with us after that).


Queenscliff SLSC is run by volunteers for our Members and we need volunteers from our Members and Nipper families to help our Sunday Nipper sessions and Club activities to run successfully, volunteering assists in the Nippers enjoyment of the program.  Kids love parent’s involvement, and it is a great way to meet other families. We will have our Sign up sessions available soon and will contact you when they are available to sign up to.  Thank you for your continued support!

If you are unable OR choose not to volunteer for your 3 shifts (1 Nipper) or 6 shifts (2 or more Nippers) or do not turn up for a volunteer session that you have nominated, you will be required to pay Non Volunteer fee (single member $130 and Family $210 this fee can be paid on the Members Area portal while doing your membership). Sign Volunteer Agreement form.


Please complete this form to finalise your registration.



This season Competition Fees will remain the same across Queenscliff from U12s to Masters.

Annually our Competition Fees cost the club more than $25,000.

Any competitor attending just Branch and State costs $95.  Australian Titles attendance add a further $100.00. Local carnivals have an entry fee of approximately $20 to $25.

Other clubs make their members responsible for all entry fees, we are not going that way, but introducing what we believe is a fair cost recovery.

As you can see this will only recoup approximately 50% of the cost incurred by Queenscliff. Therefore, your continued efforts in assisting around the club on BBQ’s, Nippers coaching or just generally helping at Carnivals, like the upcoming NSW Championships is still very much required and appreciated.

For members U12/13, U14, U15, U17, U19, March Past, fee of $50 to be paid through the SLSA Members Area Portal.  Use description – other and put in payment details name of competitor and description of “Comp fee, March Past”.

For members who are over 18 (Opens) and Master fee of $100 to be paid through the SLSA Members Area Portal.  Use description – other and put in payment details name of competitor and description of “Comp fee, Opens”.

Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club